You are important!

With the olympics going on right now, so many young individuals are making a name for themselves.  Their’s are names that will be heard around the world and remembered.  It makes me so glad NOT to be in the spotlight.  I don’t want everyone to know everything I’ve ever done; good and bad and to never allow me to just be a normal individual.  In God’s eyes though, no one is more important than anyone else.  Even the ones who are considered nobodies in life either by their own admission or not are His treasures.  I hope this brings you encouragement.


About redhaireddiva

Hi, my name is Rachel Hornung. I am 26 years old, a college grad and employed by Marshalls department store. I am the third of four children and have two adorable nephews and one adorable niece, and the most awesome parents and grandparents a child could ask for. I am a follower of Jesus Christ and try to seek Him out in everything. May you be blessed by my blog!
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