So, today’s sermon at church was about the idols in our society today.  Our pastor listed several, including family, wealth, our bodily image, food, etc..  But one that was not mentioned that I think can be a big one is the way we use our time or our schedules.  I think many of us think it is a crime to have spare time.  We feel every moment should be filled with some type of activity.  We forget we need times of rest as well as times of busyness.  As the fall semester quickly approaches, we need to step back and evaluate what activities bring us joy and purpose.  There are so many opportunities and we have to make choices that are not always easy to make.  It’s okay to say no and to start fresh from what activities we engaged in last year.  Think of this as a fresh start.  It is also okay to continue on, just decide what you want and do it. Even those of us who are not in school, including myself have activities that break in the summer and pick back up when schools are back in session.  I’ve also picked up new activities in the summer that will continue, so I have to keep those in mind as I schedule (or don’t) new activities.  It is important to be productive and busy, but I don’t think our lives should be so helter skelter that were running from one place to another and wearing ourselves thin either (and forgetting our quiet times).  We should not feel guilty in having spare time and trying to fill it up.  It is such a blessing to have and so difficult to accomplish!


About redhaireddiva

Hi, my name is Rachel Hornung. I am 26 years old, a college grad and employed by Marshalls department store. I am the third of four children and have two adorable nephews and one adorable niece, and the most awesome parents and grandparents a child could ask for. I am a follower of Jesus Christ and try to seek Him out in everything. May you be blessed by my blog!
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