Dear Me:

Dear Me:

You are  eleven years old.  You are enjoying being a kid and think eleven is the perfect age.  You say you go through no difficult stages at age eleven.  Ha!  You have a lot to learn.  You dream of becoming an artist, it is the only thing you have ever wished to become.  You think you will reach that goal at age 20.  But soon you will discover you’re not that great of an artist and unless you’re spectacular, will not be able to make a living off your art work.  You will then pick up the dream of becoming an elementary teacher, then special education teacher and will follow that dream all through college.  It too will bring you disappointment, but you will learn to cope.  You think that by age 26 (That’s you now!) you will be married and be starting on your quest to have five children.  Here’s a little secret, you’re not married, or betrothed and you have no desire to start a family.  You still have a lot to learn before you will be ready for the daunting task of parenthood, or even marriage.  Your family means a lot to you.  They are your nearest and dearest friends and still are today.  You are working on some sense of separation and it is painful and freeing at the same time.  You are growing, slowly, but growing.  You are excited to grow up and become a young woman, but you are also scared.  Some days you wish the future would hurry up and get here and other days you wish to stop the passing of time.  Even in your 20’s, you will still have the same reaction to time.  You have trouble enjoying staying in the moment and are constantly reminded to take things one day at a time.  Today, in someways you miss childhood and the teenage years, but all in all you would rather work forward than backwards.  You’ve learned a lot that you don’t want to have to go back and relearn and you will continue to grow in new ways hopefully everyday of your life.




About redhaireddiva

Hi, my name is Rachel Hornung. I am 26 years old, a college grad and employed by Marshalls department store. I am the third of four children and have two adorable nephews and one adorable niece, and the most awesome parents and grandparents a child could ask for. I am a follower of Jesus Christ and try to seek Him out in everything. May you be blessed by my blog!
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