Adventure Time!

So, the time is nearly here for me to embark on a world adventure.  On Sunday, I will be leaving Texas to go on a mission trip to El Salvador for a  full week.  I will be working with a team to build a water well and to teach the women and children about proper hygiene.  Our work site will be  a village school in C.E. Palocombo, El Salvador, about 50 miles from where I will be lodging in Acajutla.  The school serves children 256 children and has 7 teachers in two to three classrooms from Pre-K through Ninth grade.  The students attend school in morning and afternoon shifts.  I have heard that the school has been waiting for a well for four years.  Can you imagine?   It has an artisan well nearby, but it doesn’t provide sufficient water in the summer and occasionally dead ants and frogs are found in it.  Nearby, there are about 60 houses without safe drinking water, although some have hand dug wells. I am excited about having the opportunity to go on this adventure.  Here is an overview of my itinerary and how you can be praying.

Sunday, July 21, 2013: I will arrive in San Salvador.  I will be picked up by in field staff and taken to lunch and then driven the few hours to the field house where I will have the opportunity to relax.  In the evening, the hygiene team will meet.  On this day, please pray for safe travel.

Monday, July 22, 2013: Community walk (see existing water source, meet villagers), begin drilling and take samples, hygiene lessons, bible stories, crafts games.   This is the day I will meet the villagers for the first time and is a critically important relationship building time.  Please pray that I will be able to communicate warmth and friendship to those I will spend the week serving.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013: Drill, case, flush, gravel pack, hygiene lessons, bible stories, craft, games.  Please continue for to pray that the relationships I am building will be deepened.  Please also pray for patience and safety for those on the drilling team.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013: Develop well, clean and pack equipment, hygiene lessons, bible stories, crafts, games.  This will be the last full day with the community and will be another critical relationship building time.  The well should be nearly complete, but there are always possibilities of setbacks.  Please pray for patience, flexibility, and the continued building of relationships.  

Thursday, July 25, 2013: Complete pump installation, dedication ceremony.  This will be the day the well is dedicated and is an opportunity for those in the community to thank God for the well and to thank the team for its part in accessing water and loving them.  I suspect it will be a difficult day because we will be saying good bye to those we have built relationships throughout the week and there is no guarantee we will see them on this side again.  Please pray that we have touched the community in a meaningful way and showed them the love of Christ throughout our time together.  Please also pray that the people have learned and seen the benefits of having access to safe drinking water, but most of all that we have shown them the love of Christ.

Friday, July 26, 2013: Tourist day, Pack: Tourist activities will be offered and I may have the opportunity to visit a village that had a water well completed by some in my team on a previous trip.  If this is occurs, it will be a good opportunity for reflection and snapshot of the way these wells change lives.  Please pray for safety in all we do and for our time of reflection.  

Saturday, July 27, 2013: Leave for Houston.  Today, I will be returning home.  Please pray for safe travel and again for the time of reflection I will taking during the next several weeks.  Please also continue to pray for the community I just served, that they would continue to be blessed and provided for and ministered to.  

Thank you if you have taken the time to read this lengthy post and I would covet all of your prayers in the days to come.  



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Hi, my name is Rachel Hornung. I am 26 years old, a college grad and employed by Marshalls department store. I am the third of four children and have two adorable nephews and one adorable niece, and the most awesome parents and grandparents a child could ask for. I am a follower of Jesus Christ and try to seek Him out in everything. May you be blessed by my blog!
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